Our Story

The story of BIBS

BIBS is a premium Danish baby brand which was established in the 70's. 

Its initial focus was on pacifiers. Our pacifiers have been refined for several decades and we always strive for excellence.

Focus in 2021 is still on our popular pacifiers, and continuing building on our baby products range, aged 0 to 3 years. 

Right from the beginning our ambition is to produce high quality products in the best possible material. All whilst we ensure an aesthetically pleasing design. 

With the highest regards for functionality and safety our wide range of products combine to make a colourful universe. 

Our colours ensure that there is something for every taste. We believe that personal expression is key.

Every product is carefully designed and manufactured at our HQ in Hillerød, Denmark


At BIBS we are highly committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We want to offer ethically produced and sustainable products that help protect our blue planet.

Here you can read about some of our ever evolving initiatives.


At BIBS we have our heart in the right place and we love to make a difference in local communities of need.

In 2021 we supported various initiatives and invested time to support charities. It is our mission to continue to support our chosen charities and work together to help people and children in need all over the world. 

Our values and vision

We are a visionary company with a creative and progressive mindset.  We are a company with high standards for quality and uniqueness in everything we do. These values makes us a premium choice brand around the world. We aim to be our customers go-to for premium choice baby products. Quality, safety, design and colours is the very DNA of BIBS.

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