About BIBS

BIBS is a premium Danish baby- and toddler brand established in 1978. Our journey started with the iconic ‘Colour’ pacifier, which has been joined by many new designs and product categories. Today BIBS is present in over 80 markets across the globe and sold via more than 9000 points of sale.

BIBS is a visionary company with a creative and progressive mindset and innovative production setup. We are committed to offering sustainably produced, original, safe, and aesthetic products. We source material, produce, test, and certify according to the highest standards on the market to ensure products of the best quality for our customers.

We want to inspire, improve, and innovate our industry and make BIBS the preferred baby- and toddler brand all over the world.


BIBS’ work with environmental, social, and governance is focused on our entire supply chain – all from creating sustainable designs, using sustainable raw materials in our products, reducing the CO2 emission in our production to using recycled materials in our packaging and much more.



At BIBS we have our heart in the right place and we love to make a difference in local communities of need. We support various initiatives and invest time to support charities.

It is our mission to continue to support our chosen charities and work together to help people and children in need all over the world.


Quality is incredibly important to BIBS. We want to make sure that you always get a satisfying
experience when buying BIBS products. Check out our guide on how to secure the quality of your baby’s pacifiers and how you can identify an original BIBS pacifier.