Bandana Bib

The BIBS Bandana bib is made of 100% GOTS certified organic muslin cotton.

BIBS Bandana Bib

The Bandana Bib consists of multiple layers to ensure maximum absorbency and can be used to catch drool and regurgitation after feeding. It can also be used as a fashion accessory like a neck warmer under outerwear to keep warm in cold weather as the soft fabric covers the baby’s neck.

The bib is a must-have accessory to your BIBS pacifiers, and it comes in matching colors for you to mix and match your pacifiers to the bib. In addition, it features a cute pocket that can hold a pacifier, so your child always has its favorite pacifier close.

The environmental-friendly option

The Bandana Bib is made of 100% organic GOTS-certified muslin cotton. GOTS is your guarantee that a product is made from the best and most environmentally friendly materials and under socially acceptable conditions in a safe and non-toxic environment.

GOTS means that the cotton does not contain any harmful chemicals, AZO paint, or genetically modified materials. When you choose GOTS, you protect the earth that your children will inherit.


The Bandana Bib is made of muslin cotton. It makes it very gentle on your baby’s delicate skin, but it is still very durable. The dribble bib is prewashed making it true to size. Further, it can be set in 2 sizes with snap buttons for easy opening and closing.     

Mix & Match

All our Bandana Bibs have a matching pacifier in our assortment for you to mix and match with your baby’s favorite pacifier.